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To get more wild monsters, you may:

1.) Recycle your Map Room level 2, build one, upgrade it again to level 2 and you might probably get more wild monster tribes than your previous location.

2.) Relocate your main yard to one of your outposts then your previous location will be replaced by a wild monster tribe, this will need lots of resources to convert all your outposts to wild monster tribes.

3.) Take over outposts until you reach the location where there is more wild monster tribes, for example take over an outpost four hexes north of your main yard then upgrade the Flinger on that outpost to level 4 to enable you to fling monsters for about 4 hexes then take over again an outpost until you are satisfied with the number of wild monster tribes that you can attack, this method will need lots of time to reach your desired position on your current server.

I think that's all the possible solutions for your problem.

TIP: To prevent this problem just avoid taking over too much outposts, reserve those wild monster tribes which are intended for farming or looting like the Kozu and Dreadnaut Tribes.

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