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if u what to get your yard in good shap u will have to mack friends in backyard monster tell them not to attank u so that u can get your yard in shap and then when they dont attank you u can be able to get some goo to hach a gorgo or a drull or a fomor monster so that u can have more protection on your yard but when u get yor monster it will be a babby so u can jest go and attankanany 1 u what if u attank so 1 with a biger monster dont jest thick that u can jest go and attank the biger monster if u do that the biger monster will attank u and your base and he whot stop attanking you this is what happen to me when i attank all my friends and then they all did stop attanking me i wase attankd 200 times so dont do what i didjest mackfriends and u will be fine so ask your friend to not attank u 4 some time jest keep on upgrading your townhall. but if you friends dont stop attanking you then u dont stop attanking them but if u dont what to do as i say u can do what u want in your yard. (:

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